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Ultra Light MVVM for Windows Phone 7

A lightweight (< 300 lines, < 25KB) framework for developing MVVM Silverlight applications with support for tombstoning on the Windows Phone 7.

UltraLight.mvvm provides a quick, easy and light way to add the following features to your Windows Phone 7 applications:
  • Commands
  • Command binding for buttons (with parameters)
  • Support for binding commands to application buttons / menu items on the application bar
  • Dialogs, both notification and confirmation
  • Messaging using the event aggregator publisher/subscriber model
  • Service location
  • Design-time friendly view models
  • Tombstone-friendly view models with control hooks for tombstone events
  • Decoupled navigation support from the view model
  • Decoupled visual state support from the view model
  • Back button interception on the view model
  • Notify property changed using expressions instead of magic strings
  • Dispatcher helper for UI thread access

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